Concept Development and Experimentation

Exploring future opportunities in the field of mountain warfare.

The main goal is effective contribution to mountain warfare Alliance capabilities, standards and doctrine developments in order to enhance efficiency and sustainment in mountainous environment. Current main effort is an improvement of mobility and survivability in the mountainous environment. CDE&LL Branch will search for solutions to improve mobility on tactical level comprising ongoing foldable skis project as well other advanced mobile capabilities.

Through variety of survivability projects CDE&LL Branch will search for solutions how to mitigate effects of high altitude, also in connection with proper nutrition, physical fitness and suitable combat clothing.

In the next step CDE&LL Branch will be gradually focused towards more complex projects related to the mountain hazard risk management, self-sustainability and know-how training approach. To ensure scientific approach and get relevant results of the projects, MW COE tightly cooperates with industry and academia.

Projects ongoing for 2024

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